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Larry thoroughly enjoys teaching and can accommodate adults, teens, and children.  He is an experienced and patient instructor, providing personalized guitar lessons to students at all levels from introduction to mastery.  He will analyze the abilities of each student to customize and prepare level-appropriate, individualized lessons.  He teaches Blues, Rock, Jam, Folk, Bluegrass, Improv and Jazz.



Please contact Larry for all details regarding pricing and availability.

Lessons are typically taught at his home in the Clairemont area of San Diego unless arranged in advance at a mutually convenient time and location.  He is available from 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm on days when he is not performing.  Submit your request on the CONTACT page.

* Reviews *

* Larry is an outstanding guitar teacher. I am sooo happy to have found him. He is a working musician, has been a student himself many times over the years, and he really knows what it takes to bring your ability to next level. It all works for me. Larry is clear, patient, and knowledgeable. He is also a nice person. Plus, his own guitar skills are premier...he is "Jerry" in a Dead cover band (Easy Wind Band)...but he is equally polished in blues, jazz, country, and improvisational jam music...and he knows how to teach these styles so that they make sense to your head and your fingers. I recommend him highly for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. He knows his stuff and shares it.  ~ Howie
* The only way to learn how to play guitar is to learn music. That’s why you take lessons from Larry Flynn. Larry knows the guitar inside out, and he knows music the same way. He’s conversant in several styles, he teaches technique and theory at the same time, and he’s great to work with. He is patient, encouraging, and takes his students where they want to go and then beyond that. He’s also a great musician, who plays with finesse and feeling, but can bring the house down too. I can’t wait to retire, so I can take lessons from Larry more often. In fact, I might just quit my job. ~Evan
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